Maxie Fischer
Photography and

My work covers analogue and digital imagery combining serial storytelling, documentary and personal shots. It is mainly driven by chasing natural light, structures, patterns and implicit narratives. With a strong appeal for design and typo, I enjoy creating visual contexts and exploring the peripheries of art and design.

Currently studying at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, I am part of the Seminar of Jonas Maron. Besides Photography I hold a degree in cultural studies and worked for several national and international institutions in the fields of art and communication.

Almost all of the images shown on this website are available as high quality prints, ranging from fine art, gelatin silver to hand prints. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, just say hi to


peripher (group)

We Are Archives, We Are Maps, Berlin (solo)

SOVA No. 2, Bremen (group)

Havarien, Erfurt (solo)

Selected Publications

Still Magazine, United States, Germany
Hant Magazine, Germany
Carpaccio Magazine, Spain
Dust & Dessert, Australia
Sova Magazin, Germany
Screws Reworked
Voight Kampff Magazine, United Kingdom
Iconology, United States
Fine Line Mag Blog, United States
Nope Fun, Singapore
Copy Paste Culture, Netherlands
We are Drifters, Belgium
r-mag, France
Kopy Mag, Germany